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Energy + Focus Coffee (24 Sticks)

Energy + Focus Coffee (24 Sticks)

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Product Information

Improved focus and enhanced energy in every delicious cup!*

We start with South American coffee beans, picked at the peak of ripeness, slow roasted and expertly blending with targeted botanicals proven effective in supporting memory, focus, healthy brain function and concentration.

Finally, a delicious, premium cup of coffee that gives you everything you want—more focus, energy and clarity—and nothing you don't (i.e., empty calories, sugar and additives).*

Energy + Focus Coffee can help:

  • Increase energy levels*
  • Improve focus*
  • Increase attention*
  • Improve cognitive function and recall*
  • Reduce stress and anxiety*

Created by coffee lovers for coffee lovers, the Dollar Coffee Club (DCC) understands what you want from your coffee—which is why ours not only includes bold flavors and delicate notes, we’ve infused natural Ayurvedic herbs (bacopa monnieri and gotu kola) that can clear the cobwebs from your brain and boost your energy without harsh spikes and crashes.


Rip stick. Add 8 to 10 oz of water. Stir and enjoy. For best results, drink two sticks or more daily, preferably on an empty stomach or 30 minutes before a meal.

Featured Ingredients

Bacopa Monnieri: Native to India, this medicinal herb has been used for centuries as a potent cognitive enhancer, stress reliever and brain protectant.*

Gotu Kola: Considered one of Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines most treasured herbs, this plant has a long and well-documented history of use in helping to alleviate mental fatigue, anxiety and memory loss.*

Nutritional Facts


About a week ago, I started rotating in the Energy + Focus coffee. AMAZING, calm alertness is the best way I can describe it! I notice after one cup, that I go from “overwhelmed” by my tasks as a mom for the day, to checking things off my list with focus and clarity. I feel happier, my thoughts are more organized, and I am able to plan my day with success. The coffee does just what it says it’s supposed to do!! I am SO thankful!