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Burn + Control Coffee (24 Sticks)

Burn + Control Coffee (24 Sticks)

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Product Information

Slimming benefits and appetite control in every delicious cup!*

We start with South American coffee beans, picked at the peak of ripeness, slow roasted and expertly blended with targeted botanicals proven effective in weight loss when combine with regular exercise and healthy eating habits. Finally, a delicious, premium cup of coffee that works with your diet instead of against it to help your reach and maintain your weight loss goals.*

Burn + Control Coffee can help:

  • Support healthy weight management*
  • Promote appetite control*
  • Assist fat burning*
  • Promote efficient use of carbohydrates*
  • Improve stamina during exercise*

Created by coffee lovers for coffee lovers, the Dollar Coffee Club (DCC) understands what you want from your coffee—which is why ours not only includes bold flavors and delicate notes, we’ve infused natural botanicals (yerba mate and garcinia cambogia) that are as satisfying to your waistline as they are your tastebuds.


Rip stick. Add 8 to 10 oz of water. Stir and enjoy. For best results, drink two sticks or more daily, preferably on an empty stomach or 30 minutes before a meal.

Featured Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia: A citrus fruit from Southeast Asia that has been used for centuries to make meals more filling and satisfying.*

Yerba Mate: An herb from the South American Rain Forest that may increase your metabolism and help burn fat. Enjoy hot or cold wherever life takes you!*

Nutritional Facts


The DCC’s products have helped me lose 160 lbs and countless inches! I now have the confidence to work out and lead a healthier lifestyle. I have plenty of energy and no fatigue. I’m equally as excited to be wearing a size 8-10 as opposed to a size 26-28W. Thank you Javita for creating this weight loss coffee, and for changing my life.