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Burn (60 veggie caps)

Burn (60 veggie caps)

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Product Information

Target belly fat and suppress your appetite naturally

Through the natural process of aging, our metabolism slows down, causing a downshift in our ability to burn fats and control our cravings.

This can be reversed through proper supplementation, bringing our fat and calorie-burning levels back up to levels we saw in our younger years. The challenge is, revving your engine (and weight loss efforts) without over stimulating your heart or keeping you up at night.

Accelerate the weight loss and appetite suppression of Dollar Coffee Club's Burn + Control coffee with an unparalleled metabolic stimulator Burn. Like your favorite Burn + Control Coffee, Burn harness the weight loss potential of caffeine and garcinia cambogia (to curb hunger and portions), while adding the boost of EGCG (to extend the fat burning), vitamin D3 (to target belly fat) and patented ForsLEAN (for fat loss, weight loss and lean muscle mass).*

Burn can help:

  • Support healthy weight loss and weight management.*
  • Increase metabolic rate and calorie burning.*
  • Improve appetite control and reduced food intake.*
  • Target belly fat.*
  • Promote efficient use of carbohydrates.*


Consume up to two capsules twice daily. If you are unaccustomed to caffeine supplements, start slowly, then gradually increase. Do not consume after 2 PM as caffeine in the formula may make it difficult for you to sleep.

Each bottle contains 30 (two capsule) servings.

Featured Ingredients

Caffeine: Naturally derived from green coffee beans, stimulates the nervous system to break down fats and increases your metabolic rate to burn more calories.*

EGCG: Derived from green tea, EGCG significantly decreases fatty tissue deposits, regulates metabolism, increases fat oxidation and improves endurance.*

Coleus Forskohlii: Increases fat burning, suppresses appetite, prevents weight gain, improves body composition, and preserves lean muscle mass.*

Supplement Facts


I love Burn. I have so much energy without the jitters. I don’t crave chips or sweets. Down 3 lbs in the first week.